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      A revolutionary gaming system:

      – Integration with almost any cardio fitness machine
      – A game controller that transforms to suit your game
      – Universal connectivity with your favorite games

      Data Driven.  Performance Solutions.

      Hud Studios is the brainchild of Tech Visionary Andrew Maclaren.  Originally formed to solve the following problems…

      The Challenge


      The everyday lives of more than 4 billion gamers, fitness enthusiasts and students are being heavily impacted by social distancing measures by governments and institutions worldwide. ​

      This represents an over 4 billion market that is looking for a new way to engage in the fitness and sports that they love. This is leading to mass depression, anxiety, and stress disorders on a global level – in addition to already existing skyrocketing numbers of people suffering from gaming disorders.

      Our Answer

      A Patent-Pending Play at Home or Campus Tech.


      By merging effort, motion and mental acuity, our fitness-gaming technology creates unlimited combinations of fitness, gaming, education and sports, through either real life or virtual reality. Combining the body and brain in fun activities decreases depression, hostility, blood pressure and cardiorespiratory issues, while increasing fitness levels, GPA 18%, social skills, mood and memory.


      Our single convertible and portable game controller, when combined with our sensor(s) and translator, can be used individually, in tandem, teams or leagues. Users can play from home, on campus, indoors or outdoors, from their mountain bike to ice skates, to challenging a friend or team to next level games.


      When our hardware is combined with our Games-as-a-Service platform, we offer the only patent-pending, universal solution, fitness-enabling 60,000+ existing multi-vendor video games, and opens the door to new games, education and adventures.

      Andrew Maclaren


      Andrew received degrees in Digital Media/Journalism from Algonquin College in Ottawa as well as a post-degree in computer science from the University of Alberta and continued to pursue development and leadership roles in Big Data and Data Science throughout North America and Europe. Andrew has worked on major technology engagements relating to complex data analytics systems for companies including IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, EMC and Dell. Andrew’s Gaming industry experience includes consulting on sophisticated data and Gaming and console Analytics solutions for some of the world’s leading Gaming Software and hardware companies.

      A new fitness-enabled

      avenue of game-play

      A new fitness-enabled
      avenue of game-play