Hud Studios

VREV: Cutting Edge Fitness & Gaming Technology.

Our in-house developed VREV platform is a cutting edge, flexible gaming, fitness and virtual reality device. Specifically designed to be a industry game-changer, the VREV platform has been designed around creating a immersive, high performance experience providing real time feedback, all while creating a entertaining and dynamic experience.  The patented platform is flexible and designed to accommodate a diverse range of applications. 

Our team, with our world-class fitness studio on-site are positioned to develop our unique platform, continually being able to get real world feedback from actual users, speeding up development time.

Our prototypes have been receiving rave reviews, and we anticipate having the first devices delivered to customers by the early in 2020.

What can VREV do?

The VREV platform is an all encompassing solution. Our proprietary hardware solutions can be paired with any PC based game, or with our immersive virtual and augmented reality environments. 

VREV is real, with multiple patents granted and pending.